New Release: ‚Superbrains Vol.1‘ is out now !

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'Superbrains Vol.1' is a showcase for the Berlin-based, inclusive music project 'Ick Mach Welle', an initiative which has been bringing together musicians, with and without visible disabilities, for the last 5 years. Featuring solo artists and musical collaborations with very different approaches to creating music, this compilation highlights the results of the workshops and mentoring programs provided by 'Ick Mach Welle' throughout these years. The tracks featured on this release range across the musical spectrum from the wildly experimental, to dub and electronica, to driving techno and rave, reflecting the diversity of the participants and the inclusivity of the 'Ick Mach Welle' project. The emotions revealed through the music contained herein provide the listener with an insight into the lives of the people who created them, people whose voices far too often go unheard.

The artwork for the cover image comes from Brussels artist Elzo Durt, who has provided Killekill with his psychedelic collages several times in recent years. The Layout of the CD and the poster is again done by the wonderful flexn !

Superbrains Vol.1 CD Poster

The Compilation is available in a limited Edition CD (Comes with a folded poster inlay housed in beautiful designed cardboard sleeve) + Digital on Bandcamp and you can also stream it here !



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Im Juni dieses Jahr wird es ein Musik Festival in Berlin geben.Dort werden viele Menschen mit Behinderung Musik machen.Sie machen Musik live mit Instrumenten oder treten als DJ auf.Diese inklusiven Künstler und noch viele …
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We are suuuper happy that with this years edition of KRAKE Festival we will be able to join so many of our and our friends' artists in the programme! There will be live performances …

Ick mach Welle! ist eine Kooperation zwischen der Killekill UG und der Lebenshilfe Berlin gGmbH

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