Schrunzel is a self-taught multimedia artist and poet who casually utilizes Dadaist slogans such as Waschbecken Power (Bassin Power) alongside terms like 'Mein Schprampf', an anti-fascist declaration of war using a self-created word, which also serves as the title for the genre he invented for his own music only: 'Schprampf!' When he is not producing music or editing videos for it, Schrunzel dives deep into seemingly unconnected areas of study, physics and comparative religion, medieval Arabic and Danish poetry.

From this sweeping plethora of interests he draws inspiration for his artistic endeavours, including a science fiction novel, wherein he uses bizarre realism to articulate a critical analysis of today's society, whilst putting to paper and canvas visual expressions of the elements that comprise this elusive universe of his own creation. Running throughout this diverse range of works lies a central urge for independence.

He refuses to buy or to be coerced into buying professional music production software, not for lack of funds, but as a conscious decision to reject the capitalist system. Even though this means going down complicated paths in order to create music, the results of his highly idiosyncratic approach prove the merits of his philosophy.

Live Show for Krake Festival 2020

Schrunzel & der blaue Schmetterling

Interview for Krake Festival 2020

Schrunzel & der blaue Schmetterling


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