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Spotlight: Electric Shapes premieres ‚Bläck Dävil‘ -Komischet Jedudel‘

Ahead of the 'Superbrains Vol.1' release on the 15th of April we spoil you with another premiere: It’s 'Bläck Dävil - Komischet Jedudel' - a smooth Deep House groover ... Thanks to Electric Shapes …
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Line Up for 2023 is set: ‚Wellen.Brecher‘ will play at ‚Nation of Gondwana‘ !

Our workshop is managed by professional musicians and specialist teachers. Our ultimate aim is to bring our participants to the stage and to promote equality and inclusion for our artists- not just in the …
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Einfach Mensch — ZDF portrays ‚Bläck Dävil‘ for TV format

The ZDF television format Einfach Mensch accompanied our artist Werner Soyueaux alias Bläck Dävil in his everyday life for a few weeks. Werner talks about his life with a disability, the problems associated with …
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Track Premiere via ‚whypeopledance‘: Dj Magio – Breakdancer

'Whypeopledance' from Lithuania is premiering one of the forthcoming tracks from our VA Compilation 'Superbrains Vol.1' which will be released on April the 14th 2023. We are delighted to be picked since 'whypeopledance' is …


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Im Juni dieses Jahr wird es ein Musik Festival in Berlin geben.Dort werden viele Menschen mit Behinderung Musik machen.Sie machen Musik live mit Instrumenten oder treten als DJ auf.Diese inklusiven Künstler und noch viele …
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We are suuuper happy that with this years edition of KRAKE Festival we will be able to join so many of our and our friends' artists in the programme! There will be live performances …

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