Dave Senan

Dave Senan is a Berlin-based music producer originally from Ireland. He started as a DJ in Dublin in 2004 and quickly delved into production and composition. In 2010, he moved to Berlin to gain more experience in various music disciplines. From 2012 to 2015, Dave served as a mentor at the European PLUG conference for electronic music. He co-founded the label Pleasuremode with artist Chris Page, organized a series of music events titled "Mittwirk" at the Berliner Griessmühle, and provided consultation for various smaller art projects and installations in Berlin. Since 2016, Dave has also worked on various projects with the Killekill label, including the annual Krake Festival, where he occasionally performs at label parties or festivals.

Dave is also the composer and producer of the animated film "The Quest for a Real Hard Hob." The film's score is performed live with the movie, and both the animation and the score were produced together for seamless integration. The live performance and film premiered at the Berlinale in 2017 and have since been featured at several film and music festivals across Europe. In 2017, Dave started working on "Ickmachwelle." "Wellen.Brecher," a band founded by students and mentors from Ickmachwelle, is the latest outcome of this project.

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