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Nico Deuster has been living in Berlin since 1996 and is active as a DJ, promoter, and curator. Under the name KILLEKILL, launched in 2008, he has organized almost 500 events with well over 1500 artists and released about 60 records. The Krake Festival, initiated by him in 2010, combines music with video, performance, and all conceivable forms of art, becoming a significant factor in the independent Berlin and international scene.

In 2018, Nico Deuster, along with Katinka Deuster and Lebenshilfe gGmbH, founded the inclusive music project Ick Mach Welle. It's a comprehensive mentoring program that helps people with physical and/or cognitive limitations to find their way as artists and gain access to the music and cultural scene. In this capacity, Nico Deuster is actively involved as an artistic director and mentor for DJing, music creation, and production.

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