Thomas Mahmoud

Thomas Mahmoud lives in Berlin. He works as an author, lyricist, musician, and performer. He was a founding member of the band Von Spar. He is also a musician in the bands Tannhäuser Sterben & das Tod, The Nest, SFX, and M-F-X.

He has given numerous concerts and released records. He has worked on various remixes, audio productions, and radio projects. For WDR (West German Broadcasting), he worked as an author, director, speaker, and contributor to projects like "Crazies - About Madness in Pop and Elsewhere" (2005), "The Bankrupt Jazz" (2006/2007), "Justice - The Principle of Humanity" (2008/2009), and "Fear and Disgust in Germany" (2011). He composed the music for the theater production "The Contracts of the Merchant" by Elfriede Jelinek (2010, Schaubühne Berlin). Together with the band Mouse on Mars, he produced the music for the play "Symphony of the Sunny Day" by Anja Hilling (2014, Schauspiel Wien). Alongside director Ludger Engels and the soloist ensemble Kaleidoskop, he staged the 48-hour "Bajazzo Road Opera" (2017, Ku’damm Karree Berlin). Mahmoud is the lead actor in Klaus Lemke's films "Berlin for Heroes" (2011) and "No Big Deal" (2013). He also plays in the band HIGGS with the renowned composer Michael Wertmüller.

Since 2019, Thomas Mahmoud has been working as a mentor in the inclusive project Ick Mach Welle. As part of this, he has collaborated with several artists from the project, contributing significantly to their artistic development through his personal commitment, artistic openness, and special sensitivity in dealing with people with unique personalities.

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